Forum Icons
   I made these a while ago for use in the Gloom Forum, as message icons. The little things you pick to indicate the general topic or attitude of posts you make. But they found a use as just smilies inside posts, and seem to have caught on. As a replacement for using words, even, which wasn't quite intended... heehee. Anyway, you can use the things inside posts. Jam this UBB code into your message, where you want it to appear:

Where "i_breeder.gif" is replaced by any filename from the chart below.

Update! You don't really need to do any of that now. The icons are installed as UBB smilies in the forum. So I'll add a column for the smilie-code. Just look there to see what to type in your post to automatically insert a spiffy lil' icon.. If there isn't a code, it means the icon's new and anarchy or BC haven't installed it into the board yet.
Pic What is it? Filename Code
Breeder i_breeder.gif :breeder:
Drone i_drone.gif :drone:
Egg i_egg.gif :egg:
Engineer i_engy.gif  
Exterminator i_exterm.gif :exterm:
Gib i_gib.gif :gib:
Grenade i_grenade.gif :grenade:
Grunt i_grunt.gif  
Guardian i_guardian.gif :guardian:
Guardian ][ i_guardian2.gif :guardian2:
Hatchling i_hatchie.gif :hatchie:
Hatchling ][ i_hatchie2.gif :hatchie2:
Healer i_healer.gif :healer:
Heavy Trooper i_ht.gif :ht:
Infestation i_infest.gif :infest:
Kamikaze i_kami.gif :kami:
Mech i_mech.gif :mech:
Obstacle i_obstacle.gif :obstacle:
Phonejack i_pj.gif :pj:
Rocket i_rocket.gif :rocket:
Spiker i_spiker.gif :spiker:
Stinger Flame i_flame.gif :flame:
Stinger i_stinger.gif :stinger:
Teleporter i_tele.gif :tele:
Turret i_turret.gif :turret:
Spider Web i_web.gif :web: