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Note: Gloom is a mod for Quake II, not a standalone game. You require the full version of Quake II to be able to play gloom. For your convenience, the Quake II demo and the 3.20 retail patch are available on the PlanetGloom FTP.

WARNING: Internet Explorer users, be sure to SAVE TO DISK any files you download. Due to the large size of some files, choosing 'Open file from this location' may cause the file to be deleted as soon as it is downloaded due to how the temporary files work in IE. It is recommended you use a download manager that supports resuming of broken transfers where possible.

MIRRORS: Where possible, try to use one of the other download locations before resorting to the PlanetGloom FTP, as the PG FTP has a limit of 5 concurrent users.

The Gloom .pak files are optimized with PakOptimz to remove redundant data, allowing for smaller file sizes and faster load times. Some pak file editors are incompatible with this modified structure and will corrupt the pak if you attempt to edit it. PakExplorer users should ensure that the "Recover free space automatically" option is disabled as this will cause optimized .pak files to become corrupted simply by opening them.

Client Files

File Description Size Download
Gloom 1.3 Full Install (Win32) Full installer for Gloom version 1.3. It is *highly* recommended that you delete your existing gloom files (except custom maps/textures/env etc) and use this to install gloom 1.3 to avoid potential conflicts with older files. This contains everything you need to play Gloom except custom maps. Visit the Gloom Map Depository, as needed or grab the All Map Pack below for your custom map needs. 26.9MB
PlanetGloom FTP
Gloom 1.3 PAK Only As above, but as a 7-zip archive of the required .pak file for those who do not wish to or cannot use a .exe installer. Windows users can get the official 7-zip archiver or use other popular archivers such as WinRAR. Linux users, you can use p7zip and Mac OS X users can use Compress to extract the 7zip format. 26.9MB
PlanetGloom FTP
Quake II Server Browser The Quake II Server Browser. Easiest way to immediately find all Gloom Servers and get straight into the game. 32KB

PlanetGloom WWW
All Map Pack Regularly updated map pack, containing almost every custom made gloom map in existence. Not one for the modem users! Once downloaded, extract the .pak files to your gloom directory. This pack contains all maps up to the 19th December 2004.

NOTE: The map pak is compressed using 7-zip in order to achieve the smallest possible size. You will need 7-zip or another 7z capable archiving program such as WinRAR to extract it.
PlanetGloom FTP

Server Files

Server files for Win32 and Linux can be found on the FTP.

Source Code

The full source code to Quake II Gloom can be found here (400 KiB). The source code is provided under the GNU General Public License V3. By downloading or using the source code, you agree to follow the terms of the GPLv3 license. Currently only a Linux Makefile is provided; Windows users will need to set up their own DLL project - remember to export GetGameAPI!.

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